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The 9 Types

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The Perfectionist / Reformer

Type 1’s value getting things right. Their motivations are to do what is right, correct what is wrong, and avoid criticism by being perfect. They fear being bad or defective because their desire is to genuinely have integrity. They value doing their best and have an incredible gift to see the ideal. This allows them attention to detail and a strong commitment to justice. Some adjectives for this type are rational, idealistic, principled, purposeful, self-controlled, and perfectionistic.


The Giver / Helper

Type 2’s value being liked. Their motivations are all about people. They want to connect and relate to others and be seen as helpful and loving. They fear being unworthy of love because their desire is to be loved. They value meeting needs and making people feel loved. This allows them to be incredibly empathic as well as create an energy where the people in their lives feel special. Some adjectives to describe this type are caring, relational, demonstrative, people-pleasing, and generous.


The Performer / Achiever

Type 3’s value success. Their motivation is to be worthy and valuable through their productivity. They want to not just be the best, but also be seen as the best. They fear being unworthy or without value. They are often described as charming and extremely adaptable. Their adaptability and charm allow them to successfully navigate and belong to a wide variety of communities. Some adjectives for this type are successful, pragmatic, adaptive, image-conscious, excelling, and driven.


The Romantic / Individualist

Type 4’s value authenticity and beauty. Their motivations are to be themselves and to be significant. They are romantic idealists who want to be genuine as well as known. They fear being without significance or identity as well as a fear of abandonment. They are creative in how they see the world and can have a melancholy feel about them.  Because they don’t shy away from lower emotions, they can be empathetic and provide safety in deep emotions. Some adjectives for this type are creative, expressive, emotive, deep, sensitive, and passionate.


The Observer / Investigator

Type 5’s value and seek out knowledge. Their motivations are to be competent and sufficient. They work to understand and perceive in order to feel capable and resourceful. As a result, they are cerebral types who value their privacy and independence. They fear being useless or incapable. They are objective types who have the tendency to be introverted. Their keen observational skills heighten their ability to make useful and meaningful contributions to conversations when they do in fact choose to participate in them. Some adjectives for this type are cerebral, perceptive, innovative, observant, and insightful.

The Loyal Skeptic / Questioner

Type 6’s value safety and security. They seek these values in various ways, but their motivations remain the same as well as their emphasis on loyalty. Trust matters greatly to this type of structure, and this can come out for a 6 in their relationship with authority. Whether a 6 chooses to align with authority or challenge it, they are always aware of it. They fear being without support or guidance and will therefore align their loyalty to the system that can be trusted. Their focus on safety and security offers them the ability to see danger and protect themselves as well as others. Some adjectives to describe this type are committed, hard-working, anxious, cautious, and trustworthy.


The Enthusiast / Epicure

Type 7’s value adventure and trying new things. Their motivations are simple- to have a good time and enjoy life. Type 7’s are futuristic and enjoy the anticipation of their next fun activity. They are quick thinkers who will communicate their thoughts through associating different ideas. They fear being trapped and/or bored which leads to an energy of frenetic escapism. Because of their positive attitude and sharp thinking, they are excellent at the art of reframing. Some adjectives to describe this type are playful, extroverted, spontaneous, impulsive, and optimistic.


The Challenger / Protector

Type 8’s value power and independence. They are direct and assertive- saying what they mean and meaning what they say. They don’t hide from conflict and often even welcome it. Type 8’s are decisive and won’t hesitate to take charge. They fear being controlled or dominated by others. Therefore, they will come across as aggressive to avoid being taken advantage of. They are also incredibly protective and use their power to defend the underdog. Some adjectives to describe this type are powerful, confrontational, assertive, charismatic, intimidating, and protective.


The Peacemaker / Mediator

Type 9’s value harmony and keeping the peace, both internally and externally. Those who lead with type 9 can be described as flexible and easy-going. They bring a calm and welcoming energy into whatever space they enter. They are independent, but they also value connection. They fear fragmentation. To avoid disconnection, they will often avoid conflict even when conflict is needed. Their natural empathy gives them the superpower to see different perspectives and serve as mediator in moments of conflict. Some adjectives to describe this type are accepting, diplomatic, receptive, complacent, and laid-back.