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Our Team

Type 2

Karin Fields

Founder, Certified Narrative Enneagram Practitioner

As a mental health professional, I have used many tools for awareness and growth, but nothing comes close to the Enneagram when it comes to meaningful transformation. When I first learned about it, I didn’t want to be my number. I longed for the gifts of other types and felt shame about the struggles my own type faces on a daily basis. I felt exposed, but I also felt connected. The more I explored, the more I was able to face my own shame and pain. I had found a part of myself I never knew how to access, and it felt like coming home to myself. 

In my work as a therapist, a professor, and a clinical supervisor, I incorporate the Enneagram to promote the dignity of others and deepen empathy. I bring a holistic, narrative, and relational-cultural lens to my work with people, and I believe in the power of story. That is what led me to pursue my intensive certification as a Certified Narrative Enneagram Practitioner through The Narrative Enneagram. The community I found there gave me room to combine my passion for connection, transformation, and justice through the lens of the Enneagram.

As the founder of EDP, my hope is to see more people develop compassion for themselves without minimizing the lived experiences and journeys of others. In the midst of so much chaos, division, and fear, each personality type has a tendency to default somewhere. This default mode feels necessary for survival, but it is not sustainable for healing and transformation. If we as a society can move out of our default modes, we can face ourselves, our friends, and even our enemies with fresh eyes and open hearts.

Type 4

Sarah Stewart

Co-Founder, Enneagram practitioner

My Enneagram journey began when I was in graduate school studying Mental Health Counseling. When I first read my type, I suddenly felt incredibly seen, which was both comforting and terrifying. As I have continued my professional journey, the Enneagram has been there alongside me helping inform my practice and much more. Using this personality model, I have been able to reflect on the why through awareness and understanding of my motivations and behavior. As exposing as it is helpful, the Enneagram has provided a window into the shadow side of my personality and made things a bit clearer and brighter.
Due to the powerful insight the Enneagram has provided me, I found it imperative to receive extensive training in this model through The Narrative Enneagram. With approximately a years’ worth of training, I intend to complete the practitioner’s curriculum to receive certification in the Narrative Enneagram tradition. This specific tradition has been a powerful resource and is the backbone of the Enneagram Dignity Project.
I have worked with the Enneagram in a variety of ways and settings. As a therapist, this personality map has helped me understand my clients with deep and meaningful insight. My work with the Enneagram has included individual, couples, and group therapy. Using the Enneagram, I have led psychoeducational groups and workshops in the Gainesville community. As a co-founder of EDP, my hope is to continue this important work by providing information, resources, and spaces geared toward conversations using the lens of the Enneagram.
For me, the Enneagram is powerful because it allows for us to understand the motivations for not just ourselves, but for other people. This understanding inevitably leads to compassion which is a natural antidote to the division that surrounds us today. For me, compassion is what the Enneagram is all about because it allows empathy for others and kindness for ourselves. I sincerely hope this page sparks your interest and curiosity toward the Enneagram!

Type 3

Tatiana Edouard

EDP Contributor

I was first introduced to the Enneagram three years ago while attending my own therapy. Like many others, I experienced a rollercoaster of emotions towards the personality framework: suspicion, doubt, surprise, sadness, validation, and finally compassion. I have moved through my journey of not only accepting my personality type, but growing in gratitude for all that being an enneagram type 3 provides. Understanding all 9 personality structures has allowed me to grow within myself and my relationships and has provided the opportunity to see the goodness and gifts that every personality holds.
I am thrilled to help those in my community and in this larger EDP community begin their own journey or continue learning! 

Type 9

Mary Mullins

Marketing Coordinator

I first learned about the Enneagram from my sister, EDP Founder, Karin Fields. I’ve always liked personality tests and learning more about what makes me the way that I am, so I jumped in with both feet. When I read about the type 9, my life changed almost immediately.

I struggled for most of my life with focusing on what I perceived to be my flaws. I thought I was made wrong. Why wasn’t I more driven like my brother? Why didn’t I connect with people like my sister? It felt like a boulder of insecurity was lifted from my body knowing that the characteristics that make me different from my loved ones are not flaws that I need to fix, but rather strengths that I contribute! I love that the Enneagram met me where I was while also providing a path toward growth and self-awareness. I am excited to keep learning about the Enneagram and promoting it to others through my role as Marketing Coordinator with the Enneagram Dignity Project!